Maybe something, maybe nothing

Fin-ally Fin-ished

joel vollmer - clownfish

Done in Notes for iOS


Do doo be-do-do.




Random face


Drawn while playing around with different brushes in ProCreate.

Fishy Business

joel vollmer - clownfish


Still more to do, but Nemo’s looking fairly decent. Done entirely in the Notes app for iOS.

A Little Summer Music

IMG_0065IMG_0066joel vollmer - ballerinaBallerina

Illustration and postcard design from concept to final created for my favorite client.

Unfinished Critters

Both (partially) made in the Notes app on an iPad.

joel vollmer - bluebirdjoel vollmer - clownfish

MSP Comicon

Has now come and gone. It was my first convention in about two years and could not have been a better weekend. Huge thanks to the folks at @MCBAcomicons for putting on such a great show.For those who couldn’t attend please enjoy these sketches of a lumpy frogman and a man bat.

joel vollmer - lumpy frogmanjoel vollmer - ManBat

Starting a new Frat

Vector House.


I don’t care. That s#!@$ funny.

Red Panda

Sketch Draw Paint on iPad

Made in about 40 minutes using the Notes app on an iPad.


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