I quote Staind…

Who once sang, “It’s been awhile.”

And it has been. Apologies. But today I have some things to share. Technology things. Sketchy things. Things like the new iPad Pro and the matching Pencil. I’ve gotten some time to play and it seems to be as close to pencil and paper as you can get digitally. Software is certainly key. Adobe Sketch has great pencil tools, but the brushes are poor. Paper by 53 has ok brushes, an excellent pen nib, and poor pencils. Can’t wait to try it with something like Procreate. So far, the best all-around app to showcase both pencil and brush dynamics is, oddly enough, Notes. Tried it on a whim and was amazed at how responsive it is with the Pencil.

First attemptIMG_2187.jpg

Second attemptIMG_2189.jpgIMG_2188.jpg

But the technology keeps coming! Some friends introduced me to an app called Astropad. It is damned impressive. It allows an iPad to act as an input device for your computer. Open up Photoshop and go to town with all of it’s possibilities right on your iPad. Got to try this with an iPad Air 2 and a Wacom Creative stylus 2. IMG_2194.jpg

You may notice a tiny little head and shoulders on the right. Here’s a close up…IMG_2193.jpg

We only had fifteen minutes or so to get acquainted but it was enough. I can only imagine how good pairing the iPad Pro and Pencil with Astropad would be. Still waiting for Adobe to get on the ball and make full versions of Photoshop and Illustrator for iPad, but until then at least there are some really delightful options to tide us over.

That moment…

when you’ve been staring at small variations of color for hours and go a little bug-eyed. This is my favorite:

joel vollmer - green no ghosts


The runners up:


joel vollmer - rock no ghosts joel vollmer - desat green no ghosts joel vollmer - green ghosts joel vollmer - rock ghosts


Colors underway

Haven’t started on the frog yet, but the rest of it feels pretty squared away.
joel vollmer - FFhistory of the future4

What a Rush!

joel vollmer - lod

Froggy inks are complete.

joel vollmer - FFhistory of the future2

Froggy Further

joel vollmer - FFhistory of the future

Working on an album cover


Fight Owens. Fight.

Quick sketch of a dude I’d want to hang at a zoo with… CANNONBALL!!!
joel vollmer fight owens fight

David James Keaton is a Gorilla

Ever since Mr Keaton’s book, the Last Projector has come out he’s made a number of references to our time together at Thackeray’s Books and how, at times, I would draw him as a gorilla. So to celebrate winning This Is Horror’s 2014 Best Cover of the Year Award it seemed appropriate to dig up those sketches and post them for your… enjoyment? Sure. We’ll go with enjoyment. Here’s two sketches of David as a gorilla, and a multipage Empire Strikes Back homage that captures our relationship.

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 02-24-15a joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 02-24-15b joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 02-24-15c joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 02-24-15d joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 02-24-15e

Bam Bam

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 02-21-15



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