Doctor + Gunshot =


Started playing with a new art app called medibang paint. Terrible name. So far I’m struggling to define my feelings. Some of the actual tools are clever and nicely responsive to pressure. It has tools specifically for making comic pages, one of which lets you create panels by dividing the frame with a single line. How cool is that? Very. It also has built in tools for zip toning. That said the initial entry into the app looks like your questionable relations’ terrible website. And UI is cluttered and ungainly. Example: With the hand tool you can use two fingers to zoom in or out and move the page a bit, but not rotate the page. For that there are two rotate buttons, one for each direction. And when you’re done moving it be sure to turn off the hand tool so you can draw/ paint again. So again, conflicted. Plenty that makes me want to love it, but hard to look past the interface. Maybe it gets better with familiarity, but seems unlikely.

Truckstop Wizard


Bubble done




My inner honey badger.

Hull starting to feel solid 

First Drink & Draw in the Books

IMG_0440.jpgUntitled_Artwork (2).jpg

Flatted bubble


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