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joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 04-20-14Another bit of envelope art to show my appreciation for the generosity of friends, or in this case, one particular friend.

warm ups 4-9-14

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 04-09-14

All brush. less than 5 mins.

Cool down sketch

Spent the bulk of the day drawing and inking so it only made sense to do a quick brush sketch to cool down. Had the Avengers on in the background tonight so the Hulk was foremost in my mind.

joel vollmer - hulk sketch 4514


With that… good night.

Cover concepts

The top three sketches for possible covers for a graphic novel on the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 03-03-14a joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 03-03-14b joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 03-03-14c


Macho Envelope

When someone fronts the cash to buy you a ticket to an event it is in good taste to send them money in an envelope with an illustration of something they enjoy. #manners

Info has been redacted to protect the innocent.

Fallcon Sketch Round up

First up, a realistic style TMNT.



Then, right before close, a quick Wonder Woman.


Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

A little something I did for Katie to mark our past year together.

Sketch from Springcon

Today’s sketch from Springcon… Walking Dead!







What will tomorrow bring? Maybe it will be what you ask me to draw! Come on by the MN State Fairgrounds and help celebrate Springcon’s 25th anniversary!

Belated sketches from C2E2 2013

Jubilee and Grumpy Cat




Spidey and Venom


Cap and the Hulk


Prep work 3-17-13

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 03-17-13a joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 03-17-13b joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 03-17-13c


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