Halloween Art Challenge Day 1

Black Cat. Not the fireworks.

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 10-01-14

#halloweenchallenge #sketches #blackcat

A bit of creeper and some other stuff

This started out as just some warm ups for a drawing of the Creeper intended to go up for charity auction at Fall Con. It then grew into some character design, and wouldn’t you know it? The Creeper came back out on the other side of things.

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 09-17-14a

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 09-17-14b

Brief Tribute to the King

Elvis is one of those instances where I can’t really express why he’s so captivating, but can’t help to love his work anyway. So today, 37 years after he has passed, I offer up this quick sketch and a link to one of my favorite movie moments.

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 08-16-14



Rocket and Groot

Got a sketchpad with toned paper for the first time in my life and am trying it out. It’s kinda fun. joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 08-08-14

Warm up sketch Nova

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 07-18-14

Rocket Raccoon warm up sketch

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 07-16-14

The Checks are in the Mail

When friends spot me money for event tickets I’m not always speedy in repayment. Nothing malicious, just general absent-mindedness. So as a thank you / interest / vig it’s important to decorate the envelope.

joel vollmer - mankind

joel vollmer - razor ramon

drawing a corgi

My friend Peanut sent me a very amusing diagram on how to draw a corgi so figured I’d give it a go. joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 06-08-14

misc sci-fi woman

joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 05-30-14


joel vollmer ballpoint pen sketch 05-28-14



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